100% biodegradable

Can be glued with commercially available adhesives and glue sticks

Stable and elastic after ironing

Also suitable for weaving and threading

Made in Sweden

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Article No.3014676-SET
Materialbiodegradable polymers based on rye, wheat, barley, and vegetable oil
Pearl diameteroutside 5 mm, inside 2.5 mm
Plug-in boardswhite, 3 different shapes (heart, star, hexagon)
Safety notesmall parts that can be swallowed, not suitable for children under 3 years

Play without plastic! BioBeads iron-on beads are made of biodegradable polymers and are 100% compostable (this avoids microplastics in the environment). All raw materials, their processing, and the production of the environmentally friendly iron-on beads take place in Sweden. For a small contribution to the more conscious use of our environmental resources.

Like all ironing beads, you put the BioBeads on the plug-in plates, put baking paper over them and melt them with the iron to connect the individual beads. You can just as easily use the colorful beads to thread chains or weave.

Iron-on beads set, 100% compostable

5000 colorful beads (5 x 5 mm), 3 pegboards
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19,90 €
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