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Article No.4500846-003-ST
Adhesivenessstrong permanent bond (0.3 N/cm)
Basemade from PE coated fabric carrier material (approx. mesh 70), th = 0.36 mm
additional characteristicsextremely tear resistant, permanent, weatherproof

This version of gaffer tape has a matte finish and is neon coloured. As sturdy as it is, you can tape it to a floor for marking purposes or you can write on it with EDDING pens or you can seal up containers so they are watertight and you can temporarily repair or attach whatever you want. Is that enough? The neon colours shine very strongly under a blacklight; they are also particularly noticeable on overcast days because the higher the proportion of blue in the daylight, the more the fluorescence stands out (the more cloudy and the less direct sunlight there is, the colder the light (blue)!).

Often the terms “gaffer” or “gaff” tape are used to refer to any wide, strong fabric adhesive tape. This name has its origins in the word for the head of lighting on a stage or movie set – the gaffer – and generally means a sturdy fabric tape with high adhesive strength that can be torn by hand and which has proven to be easy to use for making quick fixes of various kinds on stage.

Gaffer tape comes in different colours and qualities from different producers. The tapes come with different kinds of adhesive (hot melt is the lowest and cheapest quality, unvulcanized rubber is the best quality). It also comes in different coatings and surfaces (matte/glossy) and the various coated fabrics can also have different mesh sizes. A tape with a more open mesh (e.g. GAFFER FABRIC ADHESIVE TAPE, GLOSSY) is more supple and better suited for rougher surfaces; a tape with a finer mesh and stiffer fabric like this one, on the other hand, is most of all sturdier.

Gaffer tape, matte, neon colours

50 mm x 25 m, neon pink
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NFIEGaffer tape, matte, neon colourshttps://www.modulor.de/en/gaffer-tape-matte-neon-colours.htmlhttps://cdn.modulor.de/products/nfie_4500846-003-st/1_480_480_r_gewebeband_gaffa_matt_neonfarben_50_mm_x_25_m_neonpink.jpgInStock14.9EURCrafts & DIY/Adhesive Tapes/Fabric Tape/Gaffer tape, matte, neon colours