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Corner punch

for roundeed corners, radius ca. 10 mm
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5,60 €
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Article No.0330332

metal spring-loaded punch mechanism in a plastic housing, with removable plastic end stop

One argument for rounded corners on single sheets of paper and cardboard - or even book blocks - is purely practical: if regular corners are not there, they cannot be bent or worn or damaged. In addition, rounded corners have a great look that sets them apart from the ordinary – this means that this hand punch is a simple method of embellishing and refining paper, cardboard, film and other thin materials. Possible examples could be calling cards, greeting cards, invitations, laminations, photographs, advertising – actually almost every kind of handicraft and presentation project.

This slot punch allows you to cut two diagonal slits in the corner of a sheet of paper, cardboard, film or whatever else you may want to work with. The slits have a remaining bar of paper between them that allows you to feed the uncut corner of another piece of paper, photograph or drawing, etc. into the first slit, under the bar and back up again into the second slit (as seen from the middle outwards). If two or four of these corners are used for mounting purposes, and the paper being inserted is not too heavy or stiff, the sheet with the slits can hold the un-slit sheet in place. Among possible uses are photo albums, menus (e.g. changeable daily menu) or drawings that you want to mount in a simple way in order to hang them.

Artemio corner punches have a solid metal mechanism and a practical plastic stop. The principle at work is the same as that of an office hole punch. This corner punch is a practical tool with a great price/performance ratio but, it should be noted, we do not recommend that you use it for working on whole stacks of paper or for rounding off whole book blocks – unless you are really patient and willing to accept certain compromises regarding the smoothness of the cut.

Our testing of this device has found that it can cleanly cut through approximately 5 sheets of 90-gram paper or through one ca. 600 g/m² sheet of cardboard at a time.

ROJPCorner punch & DIY/Craft Tools/Motif Punch