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Cellular rubber sealing strip, self-adhesive

3 x 10 mm, l = 10 m, black
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Article No.0317491

EPDM, fine foam texture

Cellular rubber is a closed-cell foam produced in an expansion process that utilizes natural or synthetic caoutchouc. It consists of the synthetic caoutchouc EPDM, a material that has good aging-resistance and weather-resistance properties and is also resistant to many chemicals.

Because of its impermeability to water and air and its amenability to being processed (punched, milled), cellular rubber is often used as a sealant material. In the form of self-adhesive strips it can also be used as a buffer (door seal) or a dampener. Its foam is mainly distinguished from standard foam rubber, which includes a percentage of open cells, by its closed cell structure. When being used as a seal, cellular rubber, unlike foam rubber, does not require an outer skin (coating).

Cellular rubber can be easily cut with a CUTTER or a blade or shapes punched by using standard tools.

We offer our sealing strips in a group that includes both the foam rubber and cellular rubber versions. The basic raw material is the same, their adhesive and material properties are very similar and their fields of application as well. There are differences in the physical dimensions and most noticeably in the surfaces (where that of foam rubber is smooth and closed whereby that of cellular rubber is open-celled (only on the surface!). The frictional resistance of foam rubber in relation to most materials is therefore much higher: if you need a foam rubber adhesive strip that has anti-slip characteristics, standard foam rubber should be your choice.

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