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      • Foam paint roller
        3 Variants
        Foam paint roller
        from 0,90 €
        foam paint roller, black plastic handle
      • Watercolour sponge
        Watercolour sponge
        from 2,10 €
        natural sponge from the Mediterranean Sea, irregularly round
      • paint tray, plastic
        paint tray, plastic
        from 2,50 €
        solvent resistant, shatterproof, rolling area is tilted, can be used with all paint and varnish rollers
      • Princeton Catalyst SILICONE BLADE
        10 Variants
        Princeton Catalyst SILICONE BLADE
        from 7,80 €
      • Paint strainer
        2 Variants
        Paint strainer
        from 4,80 €
        woven steel netting, rust proof, aluminium frame, bent steel handle
      • Princeton Catalyst SILICONE WEDGE
        3 Variants
        Princeton Catalyst SILICONE WEDGE
        from 8,95 €
      • Scraping knife set
        Scraping knife set
        from 4,90 €
        Contents: 5 different hardened steel knives incl. plastic handle, Note: suitable for children eight years and older under adult supervision
      • Small paint roller (radiator roller)
        2 Variants
        Small paint roller (radiator roller)
        from 2,30 €
        roller with plug cap, handle receptacle: 6 mm
      • handle for small paint roller
        handle for small paint roller
        from 2,20 €
        handle diameter is 6 mm, l = 280 mm, permanently attached plastic holder
      • Princeton Catalyst CONTOUR SERIES
        9 Variants
        Princeton Catalyst CONTOUR SERIES
        from 5,80 €
      • Set of 3 synthetic artist Sponges
        Set of 3 synthetic artist Sponges
        from 3,40 €
        round, fine-pored
      • Spray diffuser, mouth atomizer, nickel plated
        Spray diffuser, mouth atomizer, nickel plated
        from 2,90 €
        nickel-plated steel tube, with adjustable joint and mouthpiece
      • Wire brush for painting
        Wire brush for painting
        from 5,70 €
        round brush, synthetic bristles wound in steel wire, slidable wooden cylinder with steel pin
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