A Wagner office chair brings dynamics to static sitting. The worldwide patented Dondola® seat joint of a Wagner office chair supports your movements when sitting and thus strengthens your back muscles. When you sit on a Wagner office chair, there is actually no longer any question of sitting - it is all about permanent movement.

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Wagner Office chair

Wagner office chair with worldwide patented Dondola® seat joint

A Wagner office chair is characterised by the worldwide patented Dondola® seat joint in the heart of the chair - namely at the point between the seat shell and the chair base. The connection between these two parts of the chair is usually quite rigid. The seat joint starts exactly there and disengages it. This is why a Wagner office chair can follow your natural movements while sitting in all directions. Often these sitting movements are quite small - nevertheless they lead to a permanent tensioning and relaxation of your back muscles, which in turn permanently relieves and strengthens your back.

Wagner D1 by Diez - sitting in the fourth dimension

The Wagner D1 by Diez chairs take ergonomic seating technology to the top or into the fourth dimension. The two articulated axles enable axial and radial suspension at the rear and axial suspension at the front - and synchronously. 2006 and 2013 scientific studies prove that the Dondola® seat joint supports back health in the long term.

Wagner Living - one of the leading seating furniture brands in Europe

Wagner Living is a brand of the German Topstar GmbH, which has been developing contemporary and healthy seating furniture with high aesthetic standards since 1976. The company moves between Industry 4.0 and sustainable production and supply chain - for example, it recycles paper waste into packaging material and dispenses with adhesives containing organic solvents in its upholstery department.

Wagner office chairs X Industry 4.0

The real-time controlled production line of Wagner Living ensures that the individual parts of Wagner office chairs are transported on their way to the finished product by self navigating, learning robot vehicles. This reduces the load that would otherwise have to be moved by man and machine by more than 2,000 tons of Wagner office chairs per year. Despite these automated processes and simplifications, a Wagner office chair ends up at least once in the hands and under the scrutiny of a human employee.

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