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blended fabric in various beige tones (composition, see information), backing is white acid-free carrier paper 30 g/m², calendered, polyvinyl acetate finish, fabric configuration see information, usable width = 1070mm

Half-linen is a blended fabric in natural colours which is primarily used for binding larger books. Like most bookbinding material, it can be blind tooled, hot-film stamped and screen printed. Gluing work can be done with bone glue or synthetic glue (e.g. PLANATOl).

Half-linen light consists of linen and viscose fibres that are woven together with a composition of 22.0 warp threads (Nm 50)/cm and 11.5 weft threads (Nm15)/cm. The result is a relatively fine, somewhat irregular material that nonetheless has a very harmonious appearance.

For the half-linen dark a mixture of cotton, linen and viscose are woven in the following manner: warp 13.0 threads (Nm 17/cm, weft 11.0 threads (Nm 9.6)/cm.


Please note that no exchange is possible in the case of products cut from rolls and the minimum order for products sold from rolls is 0.5 running metre.

Bookbinding material, half-linen

light, 180 g/m² (th = 0.31 mm), 330 x 500 mm
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3,50 €
(21,21 €/)
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