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      • Modulor gesso
        3 Variants
        Modulor gesso
        from 13,90 €
        white universal primer for use in oil, tempera and acrylic painting techniques and as a foundation for solid and textile painting media, can be thinned with water, waterproof when dry, contains no solvents, will not...
      • Modulor white primer
        2 Variants
        Modulor white primer
        from 13,90 €
        universal primer with white pigmentation for use in oil, tempera and acrylic painting, can also serve as a foundation on solid and textile painting media, it is an adhesion improver, can be thinned with water,...
      • Liquitex Gesso
        6 Variants
        Liquitex Gesso
        from 15,20 €
        Volume: 237 ml or 946 ml, Colors: Transparent, black, grey
      • Pebeo auxiliary for Studio Acrylics
        2 Variants
        Pebeo auxiliary for Studio Acrylics
        from 11,10 €
        various auxiliaries for use with Studio quality acrylic paints: includes primer, medium creating structure and texture, medium for increasing glossiness, etc.
      • Schmincke gesso
        Schmincke gesso
        from 25,90 €
        primer for acrylic or oil paints, for low absorbent surfaces; made of pure acrylate, fillers, additives and water; pH: 8-10, liquid; opaque white, matte when dry; water thinnable, lightfast, water and turpentine...
      • Golden gesso
        2 Variants
        Golden gesso
        from 17,90 €
        primer coat for acrylic and oil paints, pigments in acrylic copolymer, water-based, liquid consistency, high coverage (opaque), matte and flexible when dry, can be thinned with water, highly lightfast (non-fading),...
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