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      • Artist Soap
        Artist Soap
        from 1,30 €
        for cleaning brushes and hands, gentle on skin, removes oil and acrylic residues, comes in cellophane packaging
      • Brush Cleaner, liquid
        Brush Cleaner, liquid
        from 7,10 €
        for all paints, phosphate and tenside free, low-odour, not harmful to environment
      • The Masters brush cleaner
        The Masters brush cleaner
        from 3,10 €
        soap-like paste for cleaning and maintaining brushes, for acrylic, oil and watercolour paints
      • Brush cleaner, standard, aluminium
        Brush cleaner, standard, aluminium
        from 6,50 €
        round aluminium holder, ø 105, h = 55, with brush holder in the shape of a spiral, total height = ca 210
      • Schmincke brush cleaner with orange terpene
        2 Variants
        Schmincke brush cleaner with orange terpene
        from 5,00 €
        removes dried oil and acrylic paints, contains surfactant, ester and orange peel oil, contains solvent, colourless transparent; hazard warning: N environmentally hazardous, Xn harmful to health
      • Lascaux Brush Cleaner
        2 Variants
        Lascaux Brush Cleaner
        from 11,80 €
        removes dried acrylic and gouache paints, thinnable with water; free of phosphates, acids, caustic alkalis and solvents, biodegradable
      • Da Vinci curd soap
        Da Vinci curd soap
        from 2,90 €
        for cleaning brushes and hands, vegetable oil based, works with oil paints, comes in cardboard packaging
      • Schmincke Eco brush cleaner
        2 Variants
        Schmincke Eco brush cleaner
        from 5,70 €
        removes oil and acrylic paints, water/alcohol-based with 5-15% non-ionic surfactants, transparent colourless, biodegradable, no hazardous label required by the German Hazardous Substance Ordinance
      • Brush cleaner, chrome plated
        Brush cleaner, chrome plated
        from 36,70 €
        round chromed metal container, ø 145 mm, copper carrying hoop, foldable and lockable spiral clamp, the brushes depicted are not included (what did you think?)
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