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  • Weicon epoxy resin putty
    Weicon epoxy resin putty
    from 23,20 €
    2 component epoxy resin modelling material, hardens to green colour, working life approx. 20 - 40 minutes, hardening time approx. 3 hours, mixture ratio 1:1, temperature-resistant from -35 to +200 °C, hazard...
  • Uhu plus endfest
    Uhu plus endfest
    from 10,90 €
    two component epoxy resin adhesive, resin (binder) is translucent white (18 g), hardener is honey-coloured (15 g); working life: 90 minutes; maximum bond after 12 hour; variable mixing ratio, temperature resistant...
  • Weicon minute epoxy
    Weicon minute epoxy
    from 7,90 €
    two component epoxy resin adhesive, without fillers, viscous, transparent, working life: 3 - 4 minutes, mixing ratio 1:1, temperature resistant from -50 to +80 °C, hazard warnings: Xi irritant, N dangerous for the...
  • R&G 5 minute epoxy
    R&G 5 minute epoxy
    from 8,90 €
    two component epoxy resin adhesive, amber colour, working life: up to 5 minutes, mixture ratios 1:1, temperature resistant from -50 bis +60 °C, hazard warnings: Xi irritant, N dangerous for the environment
  • Weicon epoxy resin Repair Stick, Wood
    Weicon epoxy resin Repair Stick, Wood
    from 8,40 €
    2 component epoxy resin modelling material, embedded with minerals, cures to beige colour, working life approx. 15 minutes, curing time approx. 60 minutes, temperature-resistant from -50 to +120 °C, re-closeable,...
  • Weicon RK-1500 construction glue
    Weicon RK-1500 construction glue
    from 20,90 €
    two component methacrylate-based reaction adhesive, high strength adhesion, residual elasticity, utilized with the "no mix process" (no mixing!), transparent, colourless, temperature resistant from -40 °C to +130...
  • R&G metal epoxy (E)
    R&G metal epoxy (E)
    from 10,90 €
    two component epoxy resin adhesive for metal (especially aluminium), dark amber colour, working life: depending on the mixture ratio up to 120 minutes, mixture ratios from 100:50 to 100:100, temperature resistant...
  • Uhu Plus acrylit
    Uhu Plus acrylit
    from 11,90 €
    two component acrylate-based adhesive, amber colour, working life: 7 - 10 minutes, includes mixing bowl, spatula and applicator, hazard warnings: Xi irritant, F highly flammable, O oxidizing
Information about 2-Component Glues

Applications: Highly stress-able, gap-bridging bonds require the use of two component glues which, after both components have been mixed together, will cure into a solid plastic. The two component glues which are based on epoxy resin are distinguished by their being especially good for use with metals.

Treatment: Resin and curing agent (hardener) – the names of the two components – must be mixed in the correct ratios so as to ensure that the full adhesive strength is attained. The apportioning can be done by eye in the case of small amounts but larger amounts (over 20 grams) should be done by weight. The limited working life (open time) requires that the adhesive mixture be made in a sufficient amount to complete the job at hand. During the curing process the glue gives off a great deal of heat – temperatures over 100 ºC can be reached and these can lead to deformations in thin plastic assembly pieces.

Important: Larger amounts of two component glues start to turn into gels sooner because the heat being produced accelerates the reaction. This can be redressed by doing the mixing in a flat bowl. The opposite is naturally also true: by heating the mixture with, for example, a hair dryer, the hardening time of two component glue is shortened. Care should be taken when reclosing the containers: the caps should not be interchanged because they will then glue shut.

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