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      Rely on high-quality and durable materials and find the right table or tabletop for your office, studio, lounge or dining room.

      Multifunctional Y series

      Almost straight or very slanted table legs made of steel or solid wood have a delicate appearance under a monochrome or colored table top. The Y table is perfect for meeting rooms, dining rooms, and workspaces.

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      Universal M series

      The M table reduced to the essentials and, therefore, remarkably versatile. Either in monochrome or with an unusual color combination, whether as a table, bench, or stool. A timeless all-arounder for living and working.

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      Technical T series

      Continuously height-adjustable, and, therefore, the ideal companion for daily work. At the push of a button, ergonomic sitting or standing is possible with the T table. The technology is hidden under high-quality materials.

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      Colourful linoleum table top

      Natural and high-quality material in fun and attractive colors and unusual shapes. The choice of configurable linoleum table tops is vast. There's one for every person's style.

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      Solid melamin table top

      Withstands a lot, and is our reliable, standard work top. Simply monochrome or with natural real wood edges, the melamine table top easily adapts to a wide variety of environments.

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