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      17 Articolo   /   27 Varianti
      Classificazione: Rilevanza
      • Rilevanza
      • Topseller
      • Prezzo crescente
      • Prezzo decrescente
      • Riga in acciaio inossidabile, rigida
        3 Varianti
        Riga in acciaio inossidabile, rigida
        da 4,70 €
        conforms to EC class II, reads from left to right, stiff construction (th = 1.0 – 1.4 mm), rust-free spring band steel, etched or engraved graduation: upper edge 1/1 mm und lower edge 1/2 mm, conversion table...
      • Riga in acciaio inossidabile, pieghevole
        3 Varianti
        Riga in acciaio inossidabile, pieghevole
        da 2,00 €
        Tolerance class: conforms to DIN ISO 2768 m/EC class II, design: reads from left to right, flexible construction, Strength: 0.5 mm, Dimensions: etched or engraved graduation, upper edge 1/1 mm, lower edge 1/2 mm
      • Lente da tavolo
        Lente da tavolo
        da 2,70 €
        black/transparent plastic, with biconvex plastic lens (ø 30 mm), comes in cardboard box, h = 46 mm
      • Adga 250 folding rule, l = 2 m
        Adga 250 folding rule, l = 2 m
        da 4,90 €
        Length: 2 m, Width: 16 mm, Section lengths: ca. 3,4 x 16 mm, Number of sections: 10
      • Calibro tascabile DIN 862
        Calibro tascabile DIN 862
        da 29,90 €
        Inox steel, rust-free, hardened, measurement range is 150 mm (6“), vernier scale 0.05 mm (1/128“), scales are matte chromed, vernier scale disc manufactured from solid metal, fine ground measuring jaws, flat...
      • Recipiente graduato
        3 Varianti
        Recipiente graduato
        da 3,70 €
        transparent colourless measuring cup with ml graduation, handle and spout, polypropylene, unbreakable, chemical-resistant
      • Carpenter´s try square
        Carpenter´s try square
        da 12,20 €
        Length: 250 mm
      • Ecobra Vision magnifying glass
        Ecobra Vision magnifying glass
        da 5,20 €
        single piece plastic frame that is offset at a right angle to the glass (total length: ca. 160 mm; length of handle is ca. 90 mm), black, silicate glass lens, biconvex, diameter is 65 mm, triple magnification, 45 g...
      • Calibro digitale elettronico
        Calibro digitale elettronico
        da 29,90 €
        stainless steel, rust-free, hardened, measuring range 150 mm (6"), accuracy to 0.01 mm or 0.0005"), repeating accuracy 0.01 mm, LCD display, on/off button, can be zeroed at every position, switchable measuring units...
      • Rotella per copiatura Grifhold
        3 Varianti
        Rotella per copiatura Grifhold
        da 16,90 €
        round aluminium grip with chequered grooves on grip zone, transparent tip protector
      • Contacolpi contatore manuale
        Contacolpi contatore manuale
        da 3,80 €
        metal, chromed, with finger ring
      • Metro pieghevole Stanley Powerlock
        3 Varianti
        Metro pieghevole Stanley Powerlock
        da 10,90 €
        chrome coloured high-strength plastic housing, with locking brake, polymer covered band steel with mm graduation
      • Lentino contafili in plastica
        Lentino contafili in plastica
        da 9,50 €
        black plastic, double-convex plastic lens ((ø 30 mm), collapsible, comes in cardboard case, h = 54 mm (when opened)
      • Stanley Torpedo spirit level
        Stanley Torpedo spirit level
        da 11,30 €
        Material: aluminium, Length: 230 mm, Tolerances: 1,5 mm/m
      • Digital precision scale up to 2000 g
        Digital precision scale up to 2000 g
        da 29,90 €
        Capacity: 2000 g x 0,1 g, Size weighing plate: 100 x 100 mm, Measuring unit: Gram, ounce, grain, carat
      • Punzone per centri
        Punzone per centri
        da 3,20 €
        chrome vanadium steel, tempered shaft head, hexagonal shaft, pointed, varnished
      • Spirit level (bubble)
        Spirit level (bubble)
        da 12,30 €
        Material: aluminium, Length: 500 mm, Tolerances: 0,5 mm/m
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