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      6 Articolo   /   10 Varianti
      Classificazione: Rilevanza
      • Rilevanza
      • Topseller
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      • Tubo portadisegni estensibile Rumold
        3 Varianti
        Tubo portadisegni estensibile Rumold
        da 12,40 €
        polyethylene, adjustable, locks in place, length scale, black carrying strap, black ring, threaded top with labelling field
      • Postal zoom tube
        Postal zoom tube
        da 9,10 €
        Material: polyethylene, Surface: black, matte, textued, Length: telescopes from 620 mm to 1020 mm, locks in place, Diameter: inner diameter: 85 mm
      • Tubo portadisegni estensibile, standard
        2 Varianti
        Tubo portadisegni estensibile, standard
        da 6,90 €
        polyethylene, black, opaque, adjustable length, can be locked into place, black, adjustable nylon carrying strap or, alternatively, a small white strap for hanging, lockable snap-on lid (case length is 630-1020 mm)...
      • Tubo portadisegni avvitabile
        2 Varianti
        Tubo portadisegni avvitabile
        da 2,50 €
        polyethylene, translucent, screws together in the middle
      • DrehPack plastic transport tubes, 350-620 PP, clear
        DrehPack plastic transport tubes, 350-620 PP, clear
        da 4,90 €
        polyethylene, translucent, twist top
      • DrehPack plastic transport tubes, 200-350 PP, clear
        DrehPack plastic transport tubes, 200-350 PP, clear
        da 4,40 €
        polyethylene, translucent, twist top
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