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      • Rumold cord-led parallel rule Maraline
        3 Variants
        Rumold cord-led parallel rule Maraline
        from 3,50 €
        transparent acrylic, colourless, plastic rollers, synthetic cord, with facing/ink edge, without graduation, with locking brake for settings, includes mounting kit
      • T square with removable head, acrylic
        2 Variants
        T square with removable head, acrylic
        from 23,90 €
        transparent acrylic, colourless, ink edge with metric scale or inch scale, removable head made of green polystyrene, comes in green cloth bag
      • Rumold T-square, aluminium
        2 Variants
        Rumold T-square, aluminium
        from 41,50 €
        anodised aluminium, transparent Astralon ink edge with mm scale/stainless steel cutting edge, fixed in place with screws, hanging hole
      • Rumold T-square, acrylic
        Rumold T-square, acrylic
        from 56,00 €
        transparent acrylic , colourless, ink edge with mm scale (MXFT), fixed in place with screws
      • Rumold T-square, steel
        2 Variants
        Rumold T-square, steel
        from 46,20 €
        rust-free stainless steel rail, w = 38 mm, th = 1.5 mm, with 2 edges for cutting and drafting, black plastic head (l = 230 mm) with mm scale is permanently affixed with 4 rivets, with hole for hanging
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