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Photo & Concertina Albums

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Information about Photo Albums & Leporellos

Storing photos presents some difficult decisions – you want to have the most important memories always ready at hand while at the same time all your other snapshots and pictures should be stored in an orderly and accessible way so that they can be easily found when wanted. In order that you will be sure to find the right option for your needs, we have put together a concise overview of all our products in the realm of photo albums and archival storage.

CONCERTINAS are small albums in which the pages are folded together in such a way that they can be pulled out and arranged with an action similar to an accordion. They are especially nice for making small, personal gifts.

PHOTO ALBUMS WITH INSERTABLE SLEEVES are very practical for quickly putting together and transporting a collection of your photographs because they are very compact and easy to handle. The fact that each individual photograph has its own transparent sleeve means that they can be shown any number of times without damaging them.

PHOTO ALBUMS WITH SPIRAL BINDING are a simpler construction that joins two sturdy covers by means of a wire spiral. As compared to the classic album, it has the advantage that it can be opened up completely and will remain so without the pages turning on their own. In addition, they do not have the preordained thickness that a spined album has but, instead, begin by being very flat only to grow with the addition of each new photograph.

PHOTO ALBUMS WITH RING MECHANISMS are very versatile because, in the manner of a file folder, the pages, separator sheets or any other memorabilia can be quickly added or subtracted. Replacement insert sheets for expanding the albums that we carry are available in different colours and types.

HIDDEN POST PHOTO ALBUMS can also be expanded with pages that are available separately because the pages can be held together at the spine by the inbuilt post screws. For example, the HIDDEN POST PHOTO ALBUM WITH FABRIC SPINE can practically be expanded as much as you want (by employing the appropriate bookbinding screws) because the front and back covers are not connected in any other way. The albums, it should be noted, are not designed with the constant changing of pages in mind because, in comparison to albums with ring mechanisms, this requires quite a bit of work.

CLASSIC PHOTO ALBUMS are the most luxurious way to store photographs. They have a permanent, continuous cover and usually contain separator pages made of glassine paper which serve to protect the photographs.

The PHOTO BOX is the easiest option for storing photographs. The photographs are simply placed in the box – for example, sorted in covers or also just individually – to be stored in an orderly manner and one that protects them from being bent or creased.