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punched coloured photo mounting board (300 g/m²), solid colour

This small sized perforated board, which is also called embroidery board, is actually produced from photo mounting board for embroidery and handicrafts work. The designation RG 1.8/5.0 means that the board has round holes with 1.8 mm diameters which are aligned in straight lines with a spacing of 5.0 mm (measured from the beginning of one hole to the beginning of the next). For an explanation of the designations used for perforated materials see the information contained under the heading PERFORATED PLATES. In architectural models, perforated boards are often used to represent partially transparent areas. Because it has such an interesting look, it can also be well used in displays, decorations, as a cover or as a background material.

Small perforated board, RG 1.8/5.0

photo mt. brd. 300 g/m², 350 x 500, bright white
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(20,00 €/)
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