Perfect for framing transparent materials

Without classic rear panel

Space-saving: 4 strips of material + elastic band

Made of solid oak or powder-coated aluminum

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Article No.3008056-001-SET
Frame MaterialUntreated oak (natural) or powder-coated aluminum (white, dark red, light pink, petrol, light grey or black)
ColorNatural oak, white, dark red, light pink, petrol, light grey or black
GlassAcrylic glass
Picture formatDIN A3

The Moebe picture frame impresses, and not just because of its reduced and clever construction. Two pieces of acrylic glass are surrounded by 4 strips of untreated natural oak or powder-coated aluminum. An elastic band keeps the construction together, and at the same time acts as a suspension.

This chic version is equally simple and inspiring without a classic rear panel. It's wonderful for framing ordinary pictures, photos, postcards, posters and other types of papers, slides, etc. When it's in full bloom - in the truest sense of the word - the Moebe Frame is used to display less ordinary materials. Dried flowers or leaves, as well as similarly transparent, flat objects, stand out particularly well between the two crystal clear acrylic glass panels. The interplay of light and dark colors unfolds completely in front of a window or a light source in the room. So the Moebe Frame is not only a picture frame but also mobile art and a window picture.

Moebe frame A3

320 x 440 mm, aluminium, white
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55,90 €
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