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soft crayon lead ø 3.8 mm, high quality pigments, extremely lightfast, waterproof, wooden barrel painted the colour of the lead

The Polychromos artist’s coloured pencils have an especially soft, waterproof oil crayon lead made with pure pigments which provide for sleek and luscious drawing and painting. The extra thick lead can be sharpened to a fine point and is suitable for drawing delicate details as well for colouring in large areas. The wood casing together with the SV secureall bonding strengthen the lead and prevent breakage.

These coloured pencils have a buttery smooth colour laydown and great coverage abilities and can therefore be used on many different materials like paper, cardboard, wood or cloth. The colours are smudge-proof and waterproof but are turpentine soluble.

Contents of the set of 12: white (101), cadmium yellow (107), dark cadmium orange (115), deep scarlet red (219), magenta (133), light ultramarine (140), phthalo blue (110), emerald green (163), light green (171), burnt ochre (187), walnut brown (177), black (199)

Contents of the set of 24: all those in the set of 12 plus transparent light yellow (104), dark chrome yellow (109), bright geranium red (121), dark red (225), reddish helio (phthalocyanine) blue (151), untramarine (120), phthalo green (264), green earth yellow (168), Venetian red (190), natural umber (180), warm grey V (274), warm grey II (271)

Contents of the set of 36: all the colours in the set of 24 plus straw yellow (102), cadmium orange (111), medium cadmium red (217), carmine rosé, medium purplish pink (125), mauve (249), dark indigo (157), cobalt turquoise (153), cobalt green (156), foliage green (112), Pompeian red (191), dark Naples yellow (184)

Contents of the set of 120 – see the colour table as a PDF file

Faber-Castell Polychromos coloured pencil, set of 12

set of 12 in metal case
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