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      Classificazione: Rilevanza
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      • Mobileaufhängung, Holz
        Mobileaufhängung, Holz
        da 3,90 €
        handicraft assembly kit, beech wood, natural colour, untreated, 6 wooden shafts: 6 mm in diameter, l = 150 mm; 6 small wooden balls with half-drilled holes: diameter is 20 mm; center ball with many holes 30 mm in...
      • Lomography Konstruktor DIY Kit, SLR-Kamera-Bausatz
        Lomography Konstruktor DIY Kit, SLR-Kamera-Bausatz
        da 39,00 €
        assembly kit for a 35 mm single-lens reflex camera (SLR); (changeable 50mm f/10 lens; shutter speed: 1/80s with multiple exposure function; focus: 0.5 m to infinity), flash adapter, black plastic (ABS), colourless POM...
      • Fino al-30%
        Lomography Negativfilm für Kleinbildkameras, 35 mm
        4 Varianti
        Lomography Negativfilm für Kleinbildkameras, 35 mm
        da 12,50 €
        35 mm film for analogue photography, 400 ASA
      • Mobilestäbe, Federstahl
        Mobilestäbe, Federstahl
        da 1,90 €
        Contents of set: 12 spring steel wire rods, Diameter: ca. 1 mm, Length: 3 sorted lengths (6 are 150 mm, 3 are 200, 3 are 270), Further attributes: ends are bent, comes in plastic packaging
      • Photo mobile clip
        Photo mobile clip
        da 9,80 €
        set, chromed steel wire, diameter ca. 1.25 mm, metal clips (picture holders) on wire ends
      • Palle di neve fai da te
        2 Varianti
        Palle di neve fai da te
        da 6,25 €
        clear plastic dome with black base and stopper, comes without snow flakes and water preservative
      • Zubehör für Schneekugeln
        2 Varianti
        Zubehör für Schneekugeln
        da 3,25 €
        accessories for designing snow globes, come in small glass bottle; snow: granulate, white, grain size 0.5-1.0 mm, "Wasserklar" water clarifying agent: liquid mixture, clear, transparent
      • Photo holder cable
        2 Varianti
        Photo holder cable
        da 7,50 €
      • Lomography Fotoclips
        Lomography Fotoclips
        da 8,90 €
        set: 100 two-dimensional, colourless, transparent clips and 10 orange, opaque plastic, three dimensional clips
      • Photograph mobile, copper
        Photograph mobile, copper
        da 11,90 €
        set, copper coloured steel wire, ø ca. 1,25 mm, 10 metal clips (photograph holders) on the wire ends
      • Photo Mobile Geometric
        Photo Mobile Geometric
        da 11,50 €
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