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transparent, long side has a steel edge, other sides are bevelled, degrees scale run in opposing direction and is shaded yellow, imprinted graduation

If you are wont to use an edge with millimeter graduations as an aid in your cutting work and have already ruined your standard set square, you will be pleased to discover this particular protractor: because there is, you see, a steel edge along its longest side which can be effectively used when you are measuring and cutting without having to worry about damaging any plastic edge. This steel edge is perfect for making small and fine cuts. The fact that the steel edge is embedded in the protractor edge in such a way that it hovers 1 mm above the substrate you are working on (paper?) means that it can also be well used for ink drawing purposes as well.

Protractor and cutting set square, acrylic

fixed grip, 45°, l = 325 mm
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