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  • Corda di polipropilene intrecciato, galleggiante
    8 Variants
    Corda di polipropilene intrecciato, galleggiante
    from 0,60 €
    8-plait braid, without core
  • Fascia grossolana in polipropilene
    4 Variants
    Fascia grossolana in polipropilene
    from 4,20 €
    100% polypropylene, rep weave, weight: approx. 15.4 kg/1000 m at a width of 25 mm, tensile strength: 430 daN for the 25 mm wide version, elongation at break: 40%, woven edges, has the usual commercial finish
  • Cordino da pacchi in polipropilene, bianco
    Cordino da pacchi in polipropilene, bianco
    from 16,90 €
    2 kg spools, X-wrapped spool with inner delivery of cord, shrunken
  • Spago intrecciato di polipropilene
    Spago intrecciato di polipropilene
    from 7,10 €
    100% polypropylene fibres, 8-plaited braid, maximum bearing capacity is 50 kg, comes on a spool
  • Artificial turf, needlefelt
    Artificial turf, needlefelt
    from 18,00 €
    felt covering made of polypropylene, nobs on the back side made of water resistant polypropylene, weight is 1050 g/m²
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