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Gruppo colore


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  • Telone cerato, colorato
    4 Variants
    Telone cerato, colorato
    from 19,90 €
    PVC coated polyester fabric, glossy/glossy, grammage 630 g/m², (the olive green version is 750 g/m²), tear strength app. 2,500 N/5 cm or, for the olive green 3,000 N/5 cm), temperature resistance (long-term) is...
  • Mexikanisches Wachstuch, farbig
    13 Variants
    Mexikanisches Wachstuch, farbig
    from 8,10 €
    soft-PVC, front side is glossy, back is laminated with gauze, no protective film
  • Lacktex oilcloth, monochrome
    8 Variants
    Lacktex oilcloth, monochrome
    from 15,60 €
    polyester fabric with polyurethant coating (80% PES / 20% PU), ca. 180 g/m²; coating: monochrome, glossy; fabric: beige, matte, waterproof, washable (hand wash 30 °C), no protective film
  • Foglio in PVC a rete mesh, morbido, incolore
    Foglio in PVC a rete mesh, morbido, incolore
    from 15,50 €
    PVC coated polyester mesh fabric, 1 ply (mw = 10 mm), semi-gloss, translucent
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