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Materiali in fibra naturale



Gruppo colore



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  • Natural cork, sewable (cork fabric)
    2 Variants
    Natural cork, sewable (cork fabric)
    from 21,50 €
    Material: natural cork on fabric backing, Attributes: insulating, dimensionally stable, water repellent , Dimensions: Roll width is 1000 mm, Thickness: th = 1 mm
  • Tela di iuta grossa
    8 Variants
    Tela di iuta grossa
    from 2,90 €
    100% jute
  • Cork fabric
    2 Variants
    Cork fabric
    from 9,10 €
    Material: upper side: cork; underside: cloth fabric, Thickness: th = 0,5 mm, Attributes: water and dirt repellent, recyclable, biodegradable
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