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  • Ecobra Silver Master quick-action compass
    2 Variants
    Ecobra Silver Master quick-action compass
    from 13,90 €
    Material: zinc pressure die cast, center wheel and adjustment screw are brass, Version: nickel-plated, matte finish, Attributes: joints/pivots on both legs,, lever mechanism for quick setting
  • Set di accessori per disegno
    Set di accessori per disegno
    from 10,20 €
    5 different paper blending sticks (estompes), 1 eraser template, 1 emery board for pencil leads, 1 leather strip; comes in blister pack
  • Lama-taglierina per compasso
    Lama-taglierina per compasso
    from 3,90 €
    rust-proof steel, spherically cut cutting surface, for use in all compass receptacles in place of the lead, for paper up to about 160 g/m²
  • Compasso per geometra Ecobra
    Compasso per geometra Ecobra
    from 9,90 €
    max. circle radius app. 150 mm, legs and grip are brass that is matte nickel-plated, middle adjustment screw and spindle are brass, lead container with replacement leads (ø 2 mm), comes in plastic box
  • Compasso con bloccaggio e innesto Maped
    Compasso con bloccaggio e innesto Maped
    from 5,50 €
    max. circle radius app. 140 mm, plastic grip with metal fixing clip, metal legs with plastic inserts, protective cap that presses over the spike, universal plastic holder with set screw (ø min. app. 3 mm, max. app....
  • Mine ricambio per compassi, Ł 2 mm.
    Mine ricambio per compassi, Ł 2 mm.
    from 1,95 €
    graphite, l = 20 mm
  • Ecobra Speedmaster quick-action compass
    3 Variants
    Ecobra Speedmaster quick-action compass
    from 2,90 €
    compass (all-metal brass construction, pressure lever mechanism with automatic locking of the spindle, micro-adjustment through spindle centre-wheel, 2 knee joints, lead diameter is 4 mm, matte satin nickel-plated,...
  • Cartoncino abrasivo per mine
    Cartoncino abrasivo per mine
    from 2,30 €
    sandpaper strip (app. 28 x 105 mm) on a small wooden board
  • Compasso a verga Ecobra, alluminio
    2 Variants
    Compasso a verga Ecobra, alluminio
    from 48,90 €
    moulded aluminium rod 5.0 x 11.5 mm, mm and inch graduation; with lead, ruling pen and point insert; includes sleeve for lead and ink refills, comes in soft plastic case
  • Ecobra Master quick-action compass set
    Ecobra Master quick-action compass set
    from 24,90 €
    features “Speedmaster Quick Release” rapid setting for fine adjustment plus automatic locking, both legs are jointed, silky lustre nickel-plated, for circles up to ø 360 mm, includes adapter for fine lead...
  • Ecobra Duo-Tec quick-action compass
    Ecobra Duo-Tec quick-action compass
    from 10,90 €
    Material: die-cast zinc/plastic, brass centre wheel and spindle, Design: nickel-plated and matte/black, Attributes: hinge on both shanks, lever mechanism for quick adjustment, centre wheel adjuster
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