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  • Foglietti Stattys Write & Slide
    13 Variants
    Foglietti Stattys Write & Slide
    from 2,40 €
    material: polypropylene
  • Skin whiteboard
    3 Variants
    Skin whiteboard
    from 60,70 €
    Superficie: laccato in bianco, magnetico, Dimensioni effettive: 550 x 750 mm oppure 750 x 1150 mm oppure 1000 x 1500, spessore del materiale: 10 mm, utilizzo: verticale e orizzontale
  • Skin chalkboard
    2 Variants
    Skin chalkboard
    from 78,90 €
    blackboard paint surface, magnetic, size of usable space: 750 x 1150 mm or 1000 x 1500, th = 10 mm, usable in landscape or portrait format, optional light grey rail tray, includes mounting set and drilling template...
  • Foglio-lavagna Stattys, autoadesivo
    2 Variants
    Foglio-lavagna Stattys, autoadesivo
    from 5,90 €
    material: polypropylene film, Dimensions: available as pad (DIN A4) or in a roll that comes in a sturdy carton (DIN A1)
  • Flipchart, professional quality
    Flipchart, professional quality
    from 191,80 €
    white, powder-coated surface, magnetic, integrated marker storage area, single leg stand, stable round floor base made of steel tubing (diameter is 45/50 mm) with 5 lockable casters, extended height adjustment...
  • Cancellino per lavagne bianche a secco
    2 Variants
    Cancellino per lavagne bianche a secco
    from 6,90 €
    given dimensions: length x width x height
  • Meeting Charts 3M Post-it
    Meeting Charts 3M Post-it
    from 26,20 €
    easel pad with micro-perforation and Post-it adhesive strips, white paper without lines, sticks to almost all wall surfaces, removable without residue, markers do not bleed through paper, portable by virtue of the...
  • Foglio-lavagna Aslan WB995 autoadesivo bianco
    Foglio-lavagna Aslan WB995 autoadesivo bianco
    from 44,50 €
    high gloss polyester/PVC compound film, th = 0.13 mm, solvent-free acrylate adhesive (adhesive strength ≥ 5N), silicon paper release liner, inner diameter of the roll’s tube is 76 mm
  • Flip chart pad
    2 Variants
    Flip chart pad
    from 6,50 €
    made up of 80 g/m² wood-free paper, 6 universal hole patterns, micro-perforated, comes with logo, given dimensions: width x length = usable dimension
  • Fogli per lavagne
    5 Variants
    Fogli per lavagne
    from 8,90 €
    130 g/m², 100% recycled paper
  • Foglio-lavagna Aslan C60/61 autoadesivo
    2 Variants
    Foglio-lavagna Aslan C60/61 autoadesivo
    from 22,50 €
    semi-gloss (microscopic fine imprint), monomer plasticised PVC, th = 0.16 mm, solvent-free acrylate adhesive (adhesive strength ³ 5N), removable, silicon release liner, roll (tube) inner ø 76 mm
  • Spugna naturale
    Spugna naturale
    from 4,30 €
    natural colour (beige-yellow), about 80–100 mm high and wide, about 40-50 mm thick
  • Franken  cleaner spray for whiteboards
    Franken cleaner spray for whiteboards
    from 7,90 €
    cleaning spray, washing active alcoholic solution, fast-drying, eco-friendly, suitable for dry-erasable whiteboard markers
  • Skin flipchart pad holder
    Skin flipchart pad holder
    from 28,10 €
    630 mm wide metal strip with overhanging edge for hanging purposes (inner dimension: 13 mm), plastic plugs, standard flipchart pad, universal hole pattern with 6 holes, micro-perforationed (670 x 990 mm, 20 sheets)
  • Lavagna con cornice in legno
    3 Variants
    Lavagna con cornice in legno
    from 19,70 €
    raw wood frame, w = 25 mm, th = 8 mm, writing surface is real slate, 3 mm thick and black
  • magnetoplan Junior SP flipchart
    magnetoplan Junior SP flipchart
    from 59,90 €
    painted (white), magnetically adhesive metal surface, integrated marker storage area, tripod stand, total height (means the maximum height) is 1850 mm, stand area is ca. 950 x 735 mm, frame colour is silver; given...
  • Lavagna da tavolo a fogli mobili Exashow
    3 Variants
    Lavagna da tavolo a fogli mobili Exashow
    from 2,20 €
    black polypropylene cover with subtle linear grooves, tuck-in flap fastener, one pocket each for CDs and business cards on the inside cover, multi-ring (4 rings with 30 mm diameter) with closing mechanism, includes...
  • Mini kit da presentazione Franken
    Mini kit da presentazione Franken
    from 71,50 €
    plastic case (310 x 345 x 60 mm), weight approx. 1,5 kg
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