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      Rely on high-quality and durable materials and find the right table or tabletop for your office, studio, lounge or dining room.

      Multifunctional Y series

      Almost straight or very slanted table legs made of steel or solid wood have a delicate appearance under a monochrome or colored table top. The Y table is perfect for meeting rooms, dining rooms, and workspaces.

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      Universal M series

      The M table reduced to the essentials and, therefore, remarkably versatile. Either in monochrome or with an unusual color combination, whether as a table, bench, or stool. A timeless all-arounder for living and working.

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      Technical T series

      Continuously height-adjustable, and, therefore, the ideal companion for daily work. At the push of a button, ergonomic sitting or standing is possible with the T table. The technology is hidden under high-quality materials.

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      Classic E2 series

      The classic among our tables, designed by Adam Wieland and derived from the Egon Eiermann's original design from 1953. The E2 table presents itself with simple and well thought-out tubular steel construction.

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      Colourful linoleum table top

      Natural and high-quality material in fun and attractive colors and unusual shapes. The choice of configurable linoleum table tops is vast. There's one for every person's style.

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      Solid melamin table top

      Withstands a lot, and is our reliable, standard work top. Simply monochrome or with natural real wood edges, the melamine table top easily adapts to a wide variety of environments.

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