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        Longitud cm
        Según el tablero que elija, tiene disponibles las siguientes medidas:
        con cubrecanto 250 x 140 cm

        con cubrecanto 320 x 180 cm
        con núcleo de multiplex 250 x 125 cm
        con núcleo de MDF 250 x 180cm
        Profundidad cm
        Altura cm
        Puede elegir entre una altura de mesa de aprox. 75 cm (mesa a la altura del asiento) y aprox. 100 cm (mesa de pie). Haga clic en "Patas" e introduzca la altura de la mesa que desee.


          • Madera auténtica
          • Plástico (ABS)
          Espesor del tablero

          • Cubrecantos (Núcleo: contrachapado)
          • Cantos pulidos (Abedul multiplex / MDF)
          Salida de cables
          Posición longitudinal cm
          Posición transversal cm
          160 x 80 cm
          180 x 90 cm


            ALTURA DE LA MESA: 75 CM
            ALTURA DE LA MESA: 100 CM
            Tipos de madera
            • Colores estándar
            • Colores especiales
            ALTURA DE LA MESA: 75 CM
            ALTURA DE LA MESA: 100 CM
            Tipos de madera
            • Barnizado
            • Haga clic & arrastre para rotar 360°
            • Desplace
              para hacer zoom
            • Frente
            • Perspectiva
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            If you need to be quick

            For those in a hurry, we offer a special selection of tables that are immediately available. These Y series classics are with you in one to three days.

            Send configuration

            Design your Y table, save, and send your draft to your email. Finalize it whenever you want.

            We are here for you

            If you have any questions about specific configurations or materials, please feel free to contact us via our live chat.

            Table frame

            Maximum dimensions

            Melamine tabletop with edge veneer
            250 cm x 140 cm

            Linoleum tabletop with edge veneer
            320 cm x 180 cm

            Linoleum tabletop with polished Multiplex Birch core
            250 cm x 125 cm

            Linoleum tabletop with polished MDF core
            250 cm x 180 cm


            Melamine tabletop with edge veneer
            19 mm or 28 mm

            Linoleum tabletop with edge veneer
            30 mm

            Linoleum tabletop with polished Multiplex Birch core
            20 mm or 26 mm

            Linoleum tabletop with polished MDF core
            21 mm


            Corner radius

            Tabletop with edge veneer
            3 mm

            Linoleum tabletop with polished edge
            3 mm, 25 mm or 50 mm

            Table Y - Elegant strength

            Robust, yet humble. These two differences combine in a wonderful way with the scaled-down, elegant Y table series made of high-quality materials. The construction of the table frame, made of powder-coated steel or solid wood, ensures great stability.

            The angled table legs are equally sturdy and delicate. They blend unobtrusively under the high-quality melamine or linoleum table top and give it a floating impression. Only from a distance, or with a view under the table, does the thoughtful cooperation of the table top and frame become apparent.

            Design Y table

            Versatile & customizable

            With over 150 million variants, the Y table series is extraordinarily multifaceted and flexible. With its clear yet refined design vocabulary, it is just as suitable for the classic architectural office as it is for your studio or dining room.

            Robust & elegant

            Due to its construction, the sturdy Y table frame has a maximum surface load of 150 kg. The centrally positioned table frame provides stability; the mounted, refined table legs seem to make the table top float.

            Transportable & stable

            Our Y tables are also equipped with adjustable feet that provide stability on uneven floors. If you move to a new location, you can simply disassemble your Y table into its components.

            Stable construction

            Usually, the sides of a table are visible along the outer edges of the table top. With Y tables, the table frames are invisible in the center below the table top, connected to the table legs in the form of a Y. They draw their strength and their almost floating appearance from this construction.

            Design Y table

            Sophisticated tabletop

            The table tops, with robust melamine or fine linoleum coating, are stable and long-lasting. What to discover: Solid and inexpensive melamine table tops in white, gray, or black, as well as elegant and sophisticated linoleum table tops with an extraordinary variety of colors and shapes.

            Design Y table

            Help & FAQ

            Stable, reliable, and with a high standard of material and design. Discover the Y table series with its endless possibilities and configure yours today. We have put together a list of helpful tips to assist you.



            Table frame

            Mounting instruction of the Y table frame


            * Valid for shipping within Germany. Learn more about our delivery conditions.

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