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      • Cinta de papel Kamihimo, de color
        14 Variants
        Cinta de papel Kamihimo, de color
        from 3,95 €
        made from tear resistant washi paper, colour-fast and moisture resistant paper strings (ø approx. 1.0 mm) are glued together with solvent-free adhesive (not waterproof) to make bands, solid coloured
      • Cork decorative band
        2 Variants
        Cork decorative band
        from 8,70 €
        Material: natural cork on PES backing, Attributes: water repellent, dirt repellent, sewable, washable by hand, Surface: face side: matte, fine pored; backside: cloth coating
      • Cork tape
        4 Variants
        Cork tape
        from 4,00 €
        Material: natural cork, Attributes: water repellent, dirt repellent, flat, Surface: both sides matte, fine-pored
      • Cinta de balizamiento
        Cinta de balizamiento
        from 3,50 €
        Polyethylene, 25 m version comes on plastic spool, diagonally running stripes: “right pointing” (see “information”).
      • Prym reflective tape, silver
        2 Variants
        Prym reflective tape, silver
        from 5,90 €
        reflecting, 100% polyurethane, machine washable to 40 °C, do not dry in dryer, iron at medium temperature
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