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      • Cinta sarga de algodón, de color
        100% cotton, twill weave (herringbone pattern), weight: approx. 3.5 kg/1000m in a width of 20 mm, woven edges, has the usual commercial finish
        18 Variants
        Cinta sarga de algodón, de color
        from 3,70 €
      • Cabezada, de color
        cotton, viscose warp end, w (total) = 12 mm, w (warp end) = 2 mm
        6 Variants
        Cabezada, de color
        from 1,20 €
      • Cinta marcapáginas, de color
        viscose, w  = 5 mm
        6 Variants
        Cinta marcapáginas, de color
        from 1,80 €
      • Cinta de encuadernación, beis
        linen twill, (herringbone pattern)
        2 Variants
        Cinta de encuadernación, beis
        from 1,60 €
      • Cinta reps de poliéster
        100% polyester, repp weave, weight: app. 6.2 kg/1000 m in w = 25 mm, woven border, finished with the customary glaze
        2 Variants
        Cinta reps de poliéster
        from 5,00 €
      • Cinta de tela de vaquero, de algodón
        100% cotton, woven band, blue with natural white woven edges and red decorative stitching, machine washable to 40 °C
        3 Variants
        Cinta de tela de vaquero, de algodón
        from 2,70 €
      • Cinta de ribete con rayas horizontales
        100% nylon, machine washable to 40 °C. iron at low temperature
        12 Variants
        Cinta de ribete con rayas horizontales
        from 1,50 €
      • Cinta de malla Rainbow
        100% polyester, knit, mildly elastic in the transverse direction, mesh middle strip has the colours of a rainbow, machine washable to 40 °C
        4 Variants
        Cinta de malla Rainbow
        from 3,20 €
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