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      Cinta de organza alambrada, de color
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      Cinta de organza alambrada, de color

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      • 9,80 €
        w=40 mm, l=20 m, white
        4500399 000
      • 9,80 €
        w=40 mm, l=20 m, natural
        4500399 070
      • 9,80 €
        w=40 mm, l=20 m, bright red
        4500399 020
      • 9,80 €
        w=40 mm, l=20 m, carmine red
        4500399 021
      • 9,80 €
        w=40 mm, l=20 m, Bordeaux red
        4500399 025
      • 9,80 €
        w=40 mm, l=20 m, medium blue
        4500399 047
      • 9,80 €
        w=40 mm, l=20 m, ocean blue
        4500399 046
      • 9,80 €
        w=40 mm, l=20 m, spring green
        4500399 062
      • 9,80 €
        w=40 mm, l=20 m, olive green
        4500399 066
      • 9,80 €
        w=40 mm, l=20 m, black
        4500399 085
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      9,80 IVA incluido
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