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      Because the weather is so nice and exercise helps against the camp fever, we present you today some bicycle hacks from our colleague and professional cyclist Rainer. You will see and hear even more from him in the near future.

      Do it yourself: Extend the fender.

      Do you also know those unsightly, oversized fenders that flutter around the back of the bike? We don't want to offend anyone, but our frequent cyclist Rainer has an excellent and almost invisible solution for extending your fender.

      That's how it works! Discreet fender extension

      Go for it: flexible and removable fastenings.

      As a cyclist, saddling up has to be learned. Hook and loop straps and elastic cords help you to keep all bags in place and to make sure that they can be removed easily. If you want to protect your high-quality bicycle frame after the ride or during transport, Rainer recommends bubble wrap and the magic Teraoka adhesive tape. This holds and releases excellently from almost all surfaces and sticks and releases and sticks and releases again...

      Sortimentsleiter Rainer erzählt von seiner Fahrrad- und Material-Leidenschaft







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      Make it light: be visible in the dark.

      Anyone who cycles a lot usually knows about visibility. Special cycling clothing is already equipped with reflective textiles and you don't have to worry about anything else - there are patches and patches for everything else. But have you ever had a close look at the brightness of your bike? To increase its visibility, you can use reflective tape that you apply to rims and frames.

      Funny and relaxing bicycle tour
      with Rainer and Christof:

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