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Penne e Pennarelli per la scrittura


Gruppo colore



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  • Gessetti colorati da marciapiede
    Gessetti colorati da marciapiede
    from 5,00 €
    round, not paper-wrapped, ø 25 mm, l=105 mm, 20 chalk crayons in 6 different colours
  • Gessetto mini, rotondo
    2 Variants
    Gessetto mini, rotondo
    from 1,15 €
    not wrapped in paper, ø 10 mm, l=80 mm, conforms to the European safety standard EN71 (toy safety)
  • Gessetto standard per lavagna, quadrangolare
    2 Variants
    Gessetto standard per lavagna, quadrangolare
    from 1,85 €
    square shaped, paper-wrapped, 13 x 13 x 90 mm; front end tapers to a point on the white chalks only
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