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Gruppo colore


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  • Nastro arricciante pacchi regalo, opaco
    16 Variants
    Nastro arricciante pacchi regalo, opaco
    from 1,30 €
    100% cotton decorative ribbon, compostable, solid colour, matte, skew (ball) with banderole (scroll)
  • Nastro arricciabile metallico
    3 Variants
    Nastro arricciabile metallico
    from 1,40 €
    polypropylene covered with polyester, egg-shaped clew sealed in PE foil
  • Nastro arricciabile brillante
    9 Variants
    Nastro arricciabile brillante
    from 1,20 €
    polypropylene coated with polyester, one side is intense coloured/one side white or pastel-coloured; egg-shaped skein sealed in PE foil
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