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Gruppo colore


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  • Foglie d'argento
    Foglie d'argento
    from 12,30 €
    pure silver 1000/1000, shiny, very good quality, th = app. 0.25 µm, loose, with tissue paper intermediate sheets, comes in glassine paper bag
  • Oro/argento in conchiglia
    2 Variants
    Oro/argento in conchiglia
    from 37,50 €
    real gold or, as the case may be, silver, shiny, bound with arabic gum, water soluble, comes in plastic container
  • Polvere d'oro/d'argento
    2 Variants
    Polvere d'oro/d'argento
    from 32,50 €
    real gold or, as the case may be, silver powder, silky lustre, lamina shaped, app. 8 µm, comes in plastic container with screw lid
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