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      Colla spray

      Application Type




      Gruppo colore

      8 Articolo   /   9 Varianti
      Classificazione: Rilevanza
      • Rilevanza
      • Topseller
      • Prezzo crescente
      • Prezzo decrescente
      • Adesivo spray 3M Photo Mount
        Adesivo spray 3M Photo Mount
        da 13,90 €
        Basis: synthetic elastomer-based, Use: for permanent bonding
      • Adesivo spray 3M Spray Mount
        Adesivo spray 3M Spray Mount
        da 14,90 €
        Basis: synthetic elastomer-based, Use: for removable bondings
      • Adesivo spray 3M Display Mount
        Adesivo spray 3M Display Mount
        da 15,90 €
        Basis: synthetic elastomer-based
      • Colla a spruzzo Aerodecor
        2 Varianti
        Colla a spruzzo Aerodecor
        da 4,20 €
        material: all-purpose spray adhesive
      • Adesivo spray 3M Creativ Mount
        Adesivo spray 3M Creativ Mount
        da 20,90 €
        per composti adesivi (tecnologia Post-it), base: polimeri di acrilato, incolore, resistente ai raggi UV
      • Colla spray Weicon, extra forte
        Colla spray Weicon, extra forte
        da 14,40 €
        Per mescole durevoli e resistenti, base: elastomeri sintetici, getto regolabile, color crema, NON compatibile con polistirolo espanso, tempo aperto (tempo di lavorazione): max. 45 min.
      • Colla spray Weicon, removibile
        Colla spray Weicon, removibile
        da 14,40 €
        per composti solubili, base: elastomeri sintetici, incolore, NON compatibile con il polistirolo espanso, tempo di apertura (tempo di lavorazione): max. 60 min.
      • Colla spray Weicon, permanente
        Colla spray Weicon, permanente
        da 14,40 €
        per mescole durevoli, base: elastomeri sintetici, color crema, polistirolo espanso compatibile con le restrizioni, tempo aperto (tempo di lavorazione): max. 30 min.
      Informazioni su Colla spray

      Applications: When gluing large areas it is often difficult to evenly distribute the adhesive everywhere before it has already begun to dry. This problem can be gotten around by using a spray glue. When evenly and thinly sprayed, it will form a coat of adhesive which will not bleed through or make paper wavy. Spray glue can be used on numerous materials: paper and cardboard, a wide variety of plastics and plastic foams (glued to themselves or on wood and metal). Typical areas of use for spray glue include mounting drawings, placards, photographs, maps and the like on solid backgrounds. Examples of substrates abound: KAPA boards, honeycomb board, thick cardboards, basic corrugated boards, Forex boards, etc.

      Treatment: When mounting on smaller surfaces it is not the substrate that receives the even coat of glue but rather the object that is to be mounted. After the glue has been applied, mounting should begin on one of the short sides and the rest carefully stretched out and pressed into place. This pressing should always be done from the middle outwards as much as possible so as to avoid small bubbles forming. After that is completed, a PRESSURE ROLLER or a FELT SQUEEGEE-TYPE APPLICATOR should be employed for further flattening purposes. If, for example, you plan to glue-mount a large number of ink-jet prints on presentation boards, it is helpful to have many separate underlayers on hand because as you spray the backside of a print there will always be some overspray on the underlayer upon which you will then not be able to lay the next print.

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