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Gruppo colore



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  • Gomma-cemento Fixogum
    3 Variants
    Gomma-cemento Fixogum
    from 5,90 €
    elastic india-rubber mounting cement, transparent, colourless, not aging-resistant, hazard warnings: Xi irritant, F highly flammable, N dangerous for the environment
  • Colla Weicon Flex + Bond
    8 Variants
    Colla Weicon Flex + Bond
    from 9,90 €
    extremely tacky, single component adhesive made out of POP copolymer, permanently elastic, can be painted, UV stable, weather resistant, can be sanded, isocyanate-free, temperature resistant from -40 °C to +90 °C...
  • Colla Decotric per polistirolo
    2 Variants
    Colla Decotric per polistirolo
    from 3,90 €
    ready to use dispersion adhesive for styroprene sheet insulation, polystyrene rigid foam (Styrofoam, Depron....) and polyurethane foam; styrene acrylate dispersion with filler and thickeners, opaque, white, pH value...
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