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      • Rodillo de espuma
        foam paint roller, black plastic handle
        3 Variants
        Rodillo de espuma
        from 0,85 €
      • Brocha de cerda natural, plana, ancha (Nr. 1149)
        boar bristles, standard quality, silver aluminium sheet cramp, long raw wood handle, w = the cramp width
        4 Variants
        Brocha de cerda natural, plana, ancha (Nr. 1149)
        from 1,85 €
      • Cera Clou Antik, dura
        for wood in interior areas, satin-glossy, beeswax-based, gentle to skin
        Cera Clou Antik, dura
        from 10,80 €
      • Malerfarbwanne Kunststoff
        solvent resistant, shatterproof, rolling area is tilted, can be used with all paint and varnish rollers
        Malerfarbwanne Kunststoff
        from 2,10 €
      • Aceite de trementina
        natural oil of turpentine, cleaning and thinning liquid, distilled, colourless, density: 0,86 g/cm³, boiling range: 150-180 °C, flash point +32 °C, hazard warning: Xn harmful, Xi irritant, F+ extremely flammable,...
        Aceite de trementina
        from 14,90 €
      • Aceite para encimeras Biofarben
        for much used indoor wood, based on natural oil and wax, transparent colourless, satin-matte, waterproof, minimal odour, anti-static; yield: 20-25 ml/m² per coat, recoatable after 12 to 24 hours, thoroughly dry after...
        Aceite para encimeras Biofarben
        from 11,50 €
      • Farbwalze klein (Heizkörperrolle)
        roller with plug cap, handle receptacle: 6 mm
        2 Variants
        Farbwalze klein (Heizkörperrolle)
        from 1,75 €
      • Lackierpinsel flach, Naturborsten, St. 6 (1160)
        brush thickness is 6, light coloured boar bristles, silver tin ferrule; short flat plastic handle, exposed hair length 40-53 mm, w = width of ferrule, h = height of ferrule
        3 Variants
        Lackierpinsel flach, Naturborsten, St. 6 (1160)
        from 1,95 €
      • Steckbügel für Farbwalze klein
        handle diameter is 6 mm, l = 280 mm, permanently attached plastic holder
        Steckbügel für Farbwalze klein
        from 1,75 €
      • Aceite duro Biofarben
        for interior use, natural oil-based, yellowish transparent, satin-matte, water repellent, water vapor permeable; yield: 60-80 ml/m² per coat, dust-dry after 10 to 12 hours, treadable and recoatable after 16 to 24...
        Aceite duro Biofarben
        from 17,60 €
      • Aceite protector para exteriores Biofarben
        natural oil and wax based, colourless (slightly reddish on new, lightcoloured wood), water repellent, open-pored, no film build-up, refreshes colours, mineral pigments (no real pigments: no UV protection); Coverage:...
        Aceite protector para exteriores Biofarben
        from 18,60 €
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