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      Z SHELF

      Set up. Customize. Divide up rooms.

      The New Year has begun. So it‘s the perfect time to tidy up. Our tip: Take it easy and try to remove one messy corner at your home after the other. Maybe our new Z shelf in bright white and many other colours will help you to finally get rid of unnecessary things and long forgotten stuff.

      Configurate Z Shelf

      Let the sun in.

      The yellow Z shelf glows like the sun and will be happy to store everything from crockery to folders. It can be as long as your wall or living room allows. That eye-catching splash of colour is very practical, especially in winter and for things that nobody should really see.
      Discover more shelf colours.

      Just put it away.

      If you like it functional and classic, but you are also into striking graphic shapes, you should take a closer look at our black Z shelf. It looks particularly impressive when the Z shelf is very high or corner connected. Or if one part of the shelf has a different colour…

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