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      Algunas variantes de nuestras mesas se fabrican individualmente a petición suya. El plazo de entrega es entonces de unas semanas. ¿Es demasiado largo para ti? Entonces, permítanos mostrarle sólo nuestras versiones de entrega rápida. Elija uno de nuestros populares colores y un tamaño estándar y la mesa estará con usted dentro de 3-4 días.


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          If you need to be quick

          For those in a hurry, we offer a special selection of shelves that are immediately available. These Z series classics are with you in one to three days.

          Send configuration

          Design your Z shelf, save, and send your draft to your email. Finalize it whenever you want.

          We are here for you

          If you have any questions about specific configurations or materials, please feel free to contact us via our chat.

          Z shelf minimum dimensions

          The smallest configurable Z shelf consists of three shelves.

          92,8 cm

          146,7 cm

          36,7 cm


          Z shelf maximum dimensions

          The largest configurable Z shelf consists of three interconnected Z shelving units, each consisting of seven shelves.

          Total height
          252,8 cm

          Total width
          440,1 cm

          36,7 cm

          Height of a shelf compartment

          So that your books can stand upright on your Z shelf, they should not be longer than:

          35,5 cm


          Distance between bottom shelf and floor

          7,5 cm



          Approx. 50 kg per shelf


          Save mounting: free-standing shelf vs. wall shelf

          If you configure two or three Z shelving units in a row, your order will automatically include row connectors for secure attachment.

          If your Z shelf stands freely in the room, it should consist of a maximum of four shelves. Five or more shelves will automatically add wall brackets to your order, allowing you to securely attach your Z shelf to the wall.

          Configure your Z shelf

          Our Z shelf offers you plenty of storage space and is extremely durable. The powder-coated steel Z shelf looks neither massive nor overloaded. On the contrary: Due to its airy construction without a back panel, it not only offers a wall shelf but is also ideal for partitioning rooms.

          The name of the Z shelf is derived from its construction, which is only visible at a second glance. Namely, just when you look under the shelf. There you'll find the Z-shaped support structure which results from the connection of the legs and the cross beams.

          Lots of space for lots of stuff

          Thanks to its large shelves, a lot of stuff fits neatly into the Z shelf (each compartment space is about 147 cm in length, 35 cm tall and 37 cm deep). If you prefer to display or decorate, the generous construction will give your objects the necessary air to breathe.

          For wall or room

          Z Shelves with a maximum of four shelves (132.8 cm total height) are ideal as freestanding shelves, e.g., for dividing rooms. Z shelves for wall mounting, which consist of a maximum of seven shelves (252.8 cm total height), can be much higher.

          Nicely durable

          The Z shelf is made of powder-coated steel. In conjunction with the Z-shaped support structure, it can withstand heavy loads (about 50 kg per shelf). Its figure conveys the exact opposite: reduced and functional.

          Good-looking AND sturdy

          If you take it "as is," the Z shelf is a bit deceptive in its packaging. It's very distinctive, and thus, scaled back and seems to be the most practical. Someone who doesn't know better could speculate that the shelf is pretty but certainly not very robust. Howeverrr: Far from it! If you look closely or accidentally run against it in our store, you'll become aware of its stability. Because not everyone can come to Berlin, our photographers took a look under the shelf and photographed the durable, Z-shaped steel construction for you.

          If you are looking for facts: The load capacity per shelf is 50 kg. A Z shelf with seven shelves can, therefore, carry around 350 kg.

          Set colorful accents

          In the standard version, the Z shelf is black or white, and its surface is slightly beaded. If you want to make your room or your wall pop, there is a range of eye-catching special colors with a mostly glossy surface available. For example, our rapeseed yellow Z shelf, which lives up to the terms "color blob" and "color accent," shines like the sun. It's particularly impressive when you string together several shelves or stack in the air. From experience, we can say that such a colorful shelf, especially in winter months, raises the mood and gives hope for better days.

          Position flexibly in the room

          Z Shelves, with a maximum of four shelves and a height of approx. 133 cm, are ideal for dividing work and living areas. Up to this height, it's ensured that the Z shelves can be safely left to stand free. At the same time, they offer you the opportunity to look through to the other side easily. If you also take up to three Z racks and line them up, you have a room divider up to 4.40 m in length.

          If you want to go high, you can configure a Z rack with up to seven shelves. The highest shelf, with about 2.53 m, is ideal for high-ceiling rooms and looks especially strong in black in front of a white wall. To ensure that everything is safe, Z shelves with five or more shelves are only intended for wall mounting.

          Mounting instruction of the Z shelf

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