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      • Marcador Stabilo Flash
        7 Variedades
        Marcador Stabilo Flash
        de 0,95 €
        water based fluorescent ink, for use on paper, 2 line widths (1.00 or 3.5 mm), coloured polypropylene barrel with clip the same colour as the ink
      • Marcador Stabilo Boss Original
        9 Variedades
        Marcador Stabilo Boss Original
        de 1,00 €
        luminous water-based ink, coloured polypropylene barrel the colour of the ink
      • Marcador Faber-Castell Jumbo Grip
        5 Variedades
        Marcador Faber-Castell Jumbo Grip
        de 1,85 €
        continuous glued and fracture resistant lead; ca. 10 mm triangular barrel with soft grip-zone, pencil painted the colour of the lead (water based)
      • Koh-i-Noor dry text marker
        Koh-i-Noor dry text marker
        de 6,00 €
        set includes six coloured pencils with luminous colours (one each: neon yellow, neon orange, neon red, neon pink, neon blue, neon green), non-toxic, will not dry out, will not bleed through, round painted barrel the...
      • Marcador Pilot Frixion light II
        3 Variedades
        Marcador Pilot Frixion light II
        de 1,50 €
        water based fluorescent ink, erasable, 2 line widhts (1.00 or 3.00 mm), plastic barrel, cap with clip, eraser on end of barrel
      • Staedtler Triplus mobile office set
        Staedtler Triplus mobile office set
        de 7,40 €
        one each of the Triplus fineliner (writing colour black), the Triplus ball M (ballpoint pen, line width medium, writing colour blue), the Triplus micro (automatic pencil with line width of 0.5 mm), the Triplus...
      • Tinta recambio para marcador Stabilo Boss Original
        4 Variedades
        Tinta recambio para marcador Stabilo Boss Original
        de 0,75 €
        fluorescent refill ink for Stabilo Boss Original, water based ink, refill tube fits directly over the tip
      • Stabilo Boss Executive marcador
        5 Variedades
        Stabilo Boss Executive marcador
        de 1,60 €
        luminous water-based ink, lightfast, coloured polypropylene barrel in the colour of the ink, rubberized ergonomic grip
      • Marcador Pilot Spotliter VW
        2 Variedades
        Marcador Pilot Spotliter VW
        de 2,60 €
        water based fluorescent ink, for use on paper, two line widths (1.00 or 3.00 mm), colour ratio is 70% yellow and 30% a second colour, transparent plastic barrel, cap with clip
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