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Bonnie and Clyde, Heidi and Tom, Ernie and Bert - who doesn't know them? Today we go between the shelves and capture the languorous looks that our materials give each other day in and day out. So who is insanely excited to end up in the shopping basket with her better half? Here you will find out!

Das "Kommunikation ist alles"-Paar

This combo goes colorful ahead when it comes to note taking, sketching or doodling. What loves each other, writes each other.

Das "Wir (k)leben ewig zusammen"-Paar

An unbeatable team, not least because glue and linen always stick together closely.

Das "Wir sind besonders"-Paar

Always just framing photos? Or binding books with binding paper? This pair of lovers has long since left such questions behind.

Das "Wir haften zusammen"-Paar

Where there's a photo, there's a cardboard and a sticky partner to lovingly hold both together.

Das "Wir sind schön"-Paar

This couple has only one thing in mind and they succeed quite well: that you do not avert your eyes from it.

Das "Wir sind offen für alles"-Paar

Apart from the fact that the toolbox basically only enters into open relationships, only the spirit level ensures a balanced togetherness.

Das "Wir lieben Arbeitsteilung"-Paar

For this couple, division of labor is everything and the roles are clearly distributed. First the work, then the pleasure!