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We're ready to go, summer! The days are long, the sun is here and after the dark time in the home office, we long to paint, craft and rediscover far outside in the sunshine. You too? Let's go! 

Print with sun

We're really excited about the next generation of cyanotype. With SolarFast, not only blue can be printed with the help of the sun, but also in all the colors of the rainbow - and on many different substrates. We are already excited!

Protect from the sun - and use it

Protect yourself from the sun with e.g. a sun sail exactly in your desired format or apply our sun protection film to your window panes with a few splashes of water. You can also protect your art and seal it light-resistant. And in the meantime, your solar light is recharging its batteries for use in the evening. That sounds like a plan!

How about watercoloring way out there?

A little paper, a few favorite colors, two or three good brushes and off you go outside - that's how summer can continue.

Did someone say sun?

Finally making the most of the long days, getting outside, biking, swimming and getting to know the area better. Let's get going!

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