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      • Guantes de algodón, blancos, calidad ligera
        2 Variants
        Guantes de algodón, blancos, calidad ligera
        from 1,20 €
        100% cotton, washable up to 95° C
      • Guantes desechables, de látex
        3 Variants
        Guantes desechables, de látex
        from 0,35 €
        examination gloves, lightly powdered with corn starch, good quality
      • Gafas de protección estándares
        Gafas de protección estándares
        from 4,00 €
        polycarbonate, with integral side protection, can also be worn as overglasses
      • Máscara antipolvo
        Máscara antipolvo
        from 1,70 €
        EN 149:2001, white, flexible outer nose frame, hard-wearing woven fabric on the inside, 2 rubber bands for attaching purposes, without exhalation valve, foldable, individually packed
      • Tapones para los oídos 3M
        Tapones para los oídos 3M
        from 0,40 €
        polyurethane foam material, conical shaped, smooth, dirt repellent surface, sound insulation 37 dB (SNR), comes in PE bag
      • Cotton aprons, undyed
        Cotton aprons, undyed
        from 5,90 €
        Material: cotton, undyed, natural, Size: 550 x 700 mm, Attributes: washable, customizable, adjustable ties
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