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  • Botes de plástico transp., con tapa rosca aluminio
    13 Variants
    Botes de plástico transp., con tapa rosca aluminio
    from 0,90 €
    PET, injection mould, colourless, glossy, temperature resistant up to 40°C, food-safe; 100 ml and 600 ml and 1500 ml jars comewith additional inner lid (labeled with inner diameter), given dimensions: capacity,...
  • Lenticular film
    2 Variants
    Lenticular film
    from 3,50 €
    polyethylene terephthalate (PET), 62 (linear) lenses per inch, Transmission 1 (smooth side facing the light source) ca. 95%; Transmission 2 (smooth side facing away from light source) ca. 73%
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