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      • Styrofoam azul claro, recortado
        20 Variants
        Styrofoam azul claro, recortado
        from 1,50 €
        fine pore insulating board from extruded polystyrene rigid foam board, extremely pressure-resistant (high density), smooth surfaces (sheared), straight edges, approx. 52 kg/m³, certified to EN 13501-1, conforms DIN...
      • Styrofoam azul claro, no recortado
        9 Variants
        Styrofoam azul claro, no recortado
        from 2,40 €
        medium pore insulating board from extruded polystyrene rigid foam board, pressure-resistant, smooth, semi-gloss surfaces, straight edges, approx. 33 kg/m³, certified to EN 13501-1 norm, conforms to DIN 4102 building...
      • Styropor EPS 040 DEO/WAB
        6 Variants
        Styropor EPS 040 DEO/WAB
        from 0,95 €
        multi-purpose insulation panel made of expanded polystyrene rigid foam, compression resistant (compressive stress ≥ 100 kPa per DIN EN 826), smooth edges without rim, fine pearl texture, white, approx. 16...
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