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  • Remaches de fijación, niquelados
    2 Variants
    Remaches de fijación, niquelados
    from 0,75 €
    steel, silver, glossy, 2-piece (top and bottom pieces), ø shaft 4.0 mm, ø head 9.0 mm, given length is the distance between the heads
  • Remaches de plástico, translúcidos
    4 Variants
    Remaches de plástico, translúcidos
    from 1,80 €
    hard plastic, colourless, 2-piece (headed shaft with snap-on threads and bottom head), ø shaft 5.5 mm, ø head 12 mm, the heads have no slots, the shaft has ø 2.4 mm hole in its core, given length is the distance...
  • Remaches de fijación, de plástico
    6 Variants
    Remaches de fijación, de plástico
    from 0,80 €
    black, nylon, shaft diameter is 5.5 mm, head diameter is 12.0 mm, given length includes the head
  • Ojetes de acero, de color latón
    3 Variants
    Ojetes de acero, de color latón
    from 3,30 €
    brass coloured, with small slits on the cylindrical end (makes crimping easier), comes in plastic box
  • Ojetes de acero, niquelados
    2 Variants
    Ojetes de acero, niquelados
    from 14,90 €
    silver, packed in a carton
  • Eyelets, steel, various colours
    Eyelets, steel, various colours
    from 8,80 €
    Outer diameter: ca. 4,8mm, Inner diameter: ca. 4,3mm, Length: l=4,2mm, Amount: 1000 pieces
  • Prym eyelets with washers, nickel-plated brass
    5 Variants
    Prym eyelets with washers, nickel-plated brass
    from 6,20 €
    silver, glossy, 2-piece (eyelet and washer), riveting tool and instructions included
  • Prym universal rivets, two colours
    Prym universal rivets, two colours
    from 8,30 €
    brass, rust-free, 2 piece product (top and bottom pieces), can be used on both sides, includes riveting tool and instructions, suitable for non-elastic textiles
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