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      Perfiles De Aluminio





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      • Perfil en Z de aluminio, equilátero
        2 Variedades
        Perfil en Z de aluminio, equilátero
        de 12,00 €
        en blanco, Al Mg Si 0,5 F22, dimensiones indicadas: anchura 1 (A) x altura (B) x anchura 2 (A) x espesor de pared (s)
      • Perfil en L de aluminio, equilátero
        Perfil en L de aluminio, equilátero
        de 18,90 €
        en blanco, Al Mg Si 0,5 F22, dimensiones especificadas: altura (A) x anchura (B) x espesor de pared (s)
      Información sobre Perfiles De Aluminio

      The world is full of aluminium profiles – for example, U-shaped profiles serve as guide tracks, Z-shaped profiles as holders for hanging cupboards in the kitchen, L-shaped profiles as supports or edge-protectors. But there is more. U-shaped profiles can also serve as a surround or a border for stabilizing large panels. Other profiles are mitre cut and further processed into window or picture frames or used to build the basic frame for a display case – the possibilities are endless. Profiles protect, lead, stabilize, join, conceal (careless work), frame – aren´t there just an unending number of profile types? Yes there are! And they come with anodised, painted or raw surfaces. We carry a wide selection of standard profiles as well as an unusual collection (one that grows ever larger) of uncommon ones for special applications that are not to be found just anywhere.

      Treatment: Sawing work on profiles is best done with a circular saw or manually with a household saw or bow saw. When using the latter, a blade with fine teeth should be chosen. Rough sawn edges can be deburred with sandpaper or a file. Depending on the combination of materials used and the task at hand, the preferrable choice of adhesive is either an assembly adhesive or an epoxy resin.

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