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      Papiroflexia y papel plegable



      Grupo de color



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      • Papel para papiroflexia japonés, estampado a mano
        7 Variedades
        Papel para papiroflexia japonés, estampado a mano
        de 5,90 €
        machine-made paper (Katazome is handmade), one side with different coloured patterns which are silk-screened by hand, reverse side is monochromatic, smooth/rough, packed in foil
      • Papel plegable para papiroflexia, Carta Varese
        4 Variedades
        Papel plegable para papiroflexia, Carta Varese
        de 7,40 €
        chamois coloured paper, highly light resistant, one side printed with coloured patterns, reverse side is cream white, smooth, 100 g/m², various motifs and colours, sheets come with package band
      • Papel plegable para papiroflexia, redondo
        2 Variedades
        Papel plegable para papiroflexia, redondo
        de 2,20 €
        coated paper; colours: yellow, orange, red, pink, light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, brown, black, comes in film packaging
      • Papel plegable para papiroflexia, papel aluminio
        2 Variedades
        Papel plegable para papiroflexia, papel aluminio
        de 4,60 €
        aluminium covered paper, both sides with metallic colours, glossy, 90 g/m², comes packed in foil
      Información sobre Papiroflexia y papel plegable

      Origami (Japanese: oru = fold and kami = paper) is the old Japanese art of folding paper in which square sheets of paper are used to create artistic three-dimensional shapes without the aid of scissors or glue. Well known traditional motifs include flowers, animals and birds – mainly Tsuru (cranes) - as well as objects like Kabuto (helmets), boxes, etc.

      In the middle of the 19th Century origami was discovered in Europe to be a pedagogical teaching aid at the kindergarten level (the folding of paper promotes hand-eye coordination as well as a sense of geometry and precision). Today it is not only a means of artistic expression and a leisure time activity for handicraft enthusiasts but is also used as a tool in the fields of science and technology. For example, it is through the use of origami software that airbags can be packed in automobiles in such a way that when blown up they will not rip.

      Our selection of origami paper and folding sheets ranges from simple monochrome sheets for practicing to real Japanese origami paper of the best quality with traditional patterns.

      Paper for the purpose of folding should be as thin as possible while at the same time firm enough that it will not lose its shape. Good quality origami paper, it should be noted, will always be cut in exact squares.

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