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      • Modulor Y table frame
        27 Variedades
        Modulor Y table frame
        de 13,00 €
        Table legs, QS 10°, rectangular: 2 x 30 x 30 mm, height without table top from 710 mm, adjustable base diameter 40 mm, Table legs, QL 10°, rectangular: 2 x 30 x 30 mm, height without table top 970 mm, adjustable base diameter 40 mm
      • Chapa Decoflex
        53 Variedades
        Chapa Decoflex
        de 3,90 €
        material: real wood veneer with paper backing, Classic quality: architectural grade: anigre, bubinga, ash, Oregon pine, padauk, red elm, teak, wengé and zebrano; commercial-grade: gabonese wo ...
      • Vivo wooden ballpoint pen
        3 Variedades
        Vivo wooden ballpoint pen
        de 22,90 €
        Material: Solid wood shaft with push button (heart-curve mechanism), metal tip and clip, Size: Diameter = 11 mm, length = 129 mm, Weight: 34 g, Refill Type: Replaceable large-capacity refill, broad width (Parker-style; for example, Kaweco G2 ballpoint refills)
      • Brixxa Cuts note paper holder
        3 Variedades
        Brixxa Cuts note paper holder
        de 43,90 €
        Material: Solid ash wood, felt underneath, Size: 200 x 65 x 60 mm, Weight: 430 g, Color: Orange, white, or ice-blue colored slots
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