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      • Chapa Decoflex
        63 Variants
        Chapa Decoflex
        from 2,50 €
        natural wood veneer on special carrier paper, classic versions (anigre, bubinga, ash, Oregon pine, padauk, red elm, teak, wengé and zebrano in architectural grade, commercial grade gabonese wood veneer), thickness...
      • Juego de palillos de madera para modelar nž. 1
        Juego de palillos de madera para modelar nž. 1
        from 11,00 €
        birchwood, raw, l = 150 mm
      • Handicrafting woods, popsicle sticks
        8 Variants
        Handicrafting woods, popsicle sticks
        from 1,50 €
        Product description: wooden sticks or model making and handicrafts, Material: wood, natural birch/solid colour, Colour: natural or mixed colours, Form: flat or round
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